Bhutan - Golden Box Grace Bennett

How can I describe my Wandering the World tour to Bhutan? 

Before I left, I was in anticipation of a wonderful trip with the promise of amazing mountain scenery, fascinating Buddhist culture, an invigorating trek through the stunning forests of central Bhutan and visiting remote villages. Marketed as ‘the last Shrangri-la’ and famous for the idealism of ‘Gross National Happiness, Bhutan had a lot to live up to.

And now back home, I am left with so many emotional and spiritual memories that, thankfully still refuse to disappear.  

Golden Box moments galore, such as listening to guide Jigme singing haunting folk songs from the front of our minibus as we meandered the winding roads on our journey. And guide Kesang, sharing Buddhist legend and folk tales creating a colourful patchwork of the tiny nation who love their King, respect their government and live life with simplicity, honour, and respect for others.

Our trekking days concluded in marvellous evenings which started with the Ara ceremony, culminating in the rhythmic singing of ancient songs and dancing with our village hosts. Simultaneously grinning and ‘tearing up’ as the emotion of the moment became infused in my whole body. 

A team of guides and ‘helpers’ made sure that every minute detail was seamlessly taken care of, right down to a hot cup of tea - referred to as ‘bed’ tea - on waking each morning and our evening hot water bottles around the open fire. 

Our gorgeous guides cared for us, and cared about us. They are perfect examples of Gross National Happiness in Shrangri-la. 

Thank-you Jane and Glenyce for making my dream trip one to top all others!

Grace travelled on the 'Essence of Bhutan' trip in April 2015.

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