Iceland - A Landscape Photographer's Glenn Guy

Known as the land of the Midnight Sun and famous for the Northern Lights, Iceland is a country of pristine nature, vibrant culture and as renowned landscape photographer and teacher, Glenn Guy MA (Photography) shares with us, a landscape photographer’s heaven.

In collaboration with Glenn, Wandering the World has designed an exceptional and unique 13-day ‘Explore Iceland Photography Tour’. Starting in Reykjavik on August 12, 2016, the tour will be hosted by Glenn and accompanied by an experienced local tour leader. With the benefit of Glenn’s extensive photographic background and knowledge, the tour is an exclusive opportunity to be immersed in the natural beauty of this fascinating island.

 As well as being a photographer and educator, Glenn has over 35 years’ industry experience. He is the primary author and publisher of the Travel Photography Guru website and blog, a site dedicated to sharing the beauty of the world and it’s people with an ever-larger audience. Glenn’s diverse career includes wedding/portrait, publishing, film stills and 8 years at Kodak, including technical specialist and product management roles. He obtained a Master of Arts (Photography) at RMIT University in Melbourne and has lectured extensively at short course and tertiary level. A traveller since 1988, Glenn has undertaken photography expeditions to 6 continents.

We asked Glenn to share his insights about Iceland here.....

What inspired you to travel to Iceland the first time you travelled there?

I’ve long wanted to travel to Iceland. Initially it probably had more to do with the name of the country than anything else. Over recent years it’s become one of the world’s hotspots for great landscape and wildlife, particularly avian, photography. I wasn’t disappointed, Iceland is both spectacular and sublime and its heaven for landscape photographers.

How would you describe ….the countryside/the landscapes/the people…from a photographer’s point of view?

The landscape is varied: green around the coastal fringe with more rugged terrain as you move inland and up into the highlands. There are said to be 1,000 waterfalls in the country, we’ll get to photograph some of the most beautiful on our tour. The famous Glacier Lagoon is a wonderful place to explore and photograph Icebergs, up close. And there are plenty of hot springs, geysers and other such phenomenas to keep the geologically included fascinated.

The people are interesting. The men are mostly big and strong while the women display a quiet, nature beauty. They come, originally, from Norwegian Viking stock.

I found Icelanders to be very approachable, though often a little shy initially. They’re hard workers and proud of their very unique identity, wrought through an independent nature and an excellent work ethic.

Young adults in the larger towns, particularly Reykjavik, are quite cosmopolitan and most speak English reasonable well. The music, photography and film scene is quite contemporary and experimental, yet traditionally Icelandic folk are said to be quite conservative with the majority claiming a Lutheran Christian faith. Despite this 10 percent of the population describe themselves as atheists, placing Iceland in the top 10 atheist populations in the world.

To make matters even more interestingly it’s said that around half the population believe in the existence of trolls. And you might to if, like me, you start seeing faces appearing (naturally) in cliff faces around the country. It’s really quite extraordinary and goes someway towards explaining so many of the local myths that have survived over the centuries. Wonderful people, yes. Easy to define, no.

Given that you have travelled in Iceland before - what is so special about the country that is it has motivated you to return?

I’m widely travelled, yet I still fall asleep most nights dreaming of Iceland. The country had such a profound impact on me. I doubt that I’ve ever felt such an affinity for a landscape, nor felt so in touch with the weather. And the light is something else entirely. The word photography comes from Ancient Greek and translates as light writing, drawing or painting. And I’ve never experienced the transient, transforming and transcendental nature of light as intimately as I have when photographing Iceland.

To read more about the 13-Day 'Explore Iceland Photography Tour' with Glenn download the trip notes.

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