Jewels of Northern India – Accommodation Sam Cook

Travel with Jane on our Northern India tour in January 2016 and stay in a selection of carefully chosen, beautifully restored, authentic heritage properties that we get to call home for the night (or nights). 

From the magnificence of Ramathra Fort, to the splendour of Shahpura Bagh, our accommodation on this grand journey through this majestic part of India is the perfect end to our experiences each day.

Don’t just take out word for it, take a look for yourself:

Ramathra Fort - Karauli

Inside the fort is a multi-story palace, which is a one of a kind heritage home.  The palace showcases traditional building techniques that are still being used by the local craftspeople to restore it. With it’s remote location, staying at the fort gives you a close insight into the otherwise untouched green farming belt in the Kalisil River valley.

Jas Vilas - Jaipur

With just fourteen rooms, this renovated half a century old mansion has been transformed into a modern luxurious hotel. The family that runs the hotel pride themselves on offering guests a warm and authentic experience, and such a wonderful welcome is a treasure in itself.

Shahpura Bagh

Shahpura Barg is a heritage lodge that used to be the summer residence of the Rulers of Shahpura. This tranquil oasis offers a relaxing pool area, and magnificently serene lakes for you to wander around.

To read more about Shahpura Barg, here’s a Blog post from the archives.

Ratan Vilas - Jodphur

Built in 1920, this royal mansion has been lovingly converted into a hotel by the grandson and great grandson of the original owner, and they continue to live in the property today. Steeped in history, you can simply sit back and enjoy the splendour in the relaxing courtyard, and enjoy the warm hospitality.

Jagat Niwas Palace - Udaipur

This early 17th century haveli has a unique charm and enjoys a suburb location on the eastern banks of the famous Lake Pichola. With majestic views of all the Palaces of Udaipur (City Palace, Lake Palace, and Monsoon Palace), staying here will take you back to the glory of the ancient city.

Our handpicked accommodation is truly a memorable part of our tour of Northern India, and we hope that you’ve enjoyed this glimpse into what makes them so special.

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