13, 18 or 39-Day CHEMIN DE SAINT JACQUES - LE PUY to ST JEAN PIED DE PORT Escorted Group - April 29, 2018



The life changing 740km journey passes through Conques, Figeac, Cahors, Moissac,  Aire-sur-l’Adour and Navarrenx before reaching the border town of Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port.  Whether you walk the entire 39 day pilgrimage, or select the first 340km, the trip will leave a lasting impression.


TRIP LENGTH: From 13 - 39 days - GROUP SIZE: Maximum 14 - MEALS: All breakfasts and most dinners 

TRIP GRADE: Moderate to challenging - OTHER: Luggage transfer - Maximum luggage weight 13kg

From Le Puy - 13 Days (200km) - April 29, 2018

From:  Euro 2,145.  From price Single Supp: Euro1,125.  Deposit: AUD 750

From Le Puy - 18 Days (340km) - April 29, 2018

From:  Euro 2,745. From price Single Supp: Euro1,550. Deposit: AUD1,000 

From Le Puy - 39 Days (740km) - April 29, 2018

 From:  Euro 4,945. From price Single Supp: Euro2,550. Deposit: AUD 1,500

From Cahors - 21 Days (367km)  -  May 16, 2018

From: Euro 3,245. From price Single Supp: Euro1,750. Deposit: AUD 1,500


Starting in Le Puy and commonly referred as the Chemin de Saint Jacques de Composela. This Camino is one of the most popular in France and begins in the high plateau of the Massif Central, with its treeless grasslands and drystone walls. From here the route descends through the stunning countryside of the Lot River valley and its succession of beautiful fairy-tale villages. You will then cross the Tarn and the Adour Rivers and explore the rolling expanses of Gascony, before arriving at the Basque village of Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, the end of the French part of the pilgrimage.

The Camino is well waymarked throughout. The terrain is varied and it can be fairly strenuous and rarely flat. We include a few shorter days to manage the walk at an enjoyable pace. From the volcanic Velay region, passing through the mountainous Aubrac plateau (at 1300 metres) before descending to the abbey at Conques, the walk continues through the causse (hilly limestone scrubland) to Cahors, which completes the first stage of this journey.

Along the way, you will pass cathedrals and abbeys in Le Puy, Conques, Figeac and Cahors plus many interesting smaller churches and other historic monuments, art and architecture.


You will be equipped with easy to read maps and instructions complete with directions to guide you on the paths and tracks, following the red and white markers. Wandering the World takes care of all your accommodation and daily luggage transfer so you can relax and enjoy your journey. This itinerary is carefully designed for easy to manage walking days, with some challenging days in the mix. There is a basic level of fitness required and some uphill stretches in part, however, given you only need carry a lightweight day bag and your water supply, which can be replenished in the various villages on route, and other essentials such as snacks, it makes this trip very manageable for any inexperienced walker.


Your stay will be in an excellent combination of centrally located hotels and charming village accommodation. The character, comfort and often the uniqueness of the property all adding to the experience. The local cuisine is also a highlight. On occasion, mama will be in the kitchen preparing a three-course hearty meal known as the pilgrim's staple.

There is also a variety of impressive cuisine from Michelin recognised chefs, and all dietary requirements are taken care of in advance. The language is French. English is difficult to find, which adds an exciting dimension and a great reminder that you are travelling in a foreign land.


ARRIVE LE PUY - NIGHT BEFORE CAMINO STARTS – Day 1/Night 1 - April 29, 2018

Nestled between the Auvergne volcanoes and the Rhone Alpes valley, Le Puy is an old city with great views over the surrounding mountains.

Its most striking attraction is the Cathedrale Notre-Dame du Puy, dating from the first half of the 12th century. The Cathedral is Roman Catholic and anational monument of France. The city is also famous for the Le Puy green lentil and for its lace-making.

It has been a centre of pilgrimage in its own right since before the time of Charlemagne, as well as forming part of the pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela. (Pilgrims starting their journey gather to be blessed each morning). Since 1998 it has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

LE PUY – ST PRIVAT D’ALLIER 23km. Estimated walking time approx. 5-6 hours - Day 2/Night 2

Today, your walk to Saint-Privat d’Allier, will be through the mountains of the Velay massif and its stunning scenery. Located in the south of Auvergne, overlooking the exceptional site of the Allier gorges, Saint-Privat is a small village of 428 inhabitants, rising to 875 meters above sea level, 23 kilometres from Le Puy-en Velay. The village is picturesque and quiet and lends itself to relaxation.

ST PRIVAT D’ALLIER - SAUGUES 20km. Estimated walking time approx. 4-5 hours -Day 3/Night 3

Today is a bit of a challenging walk but you will be rewarded by the wonderful views and the picturesque villages and hamlets along the way before arriving in Saugues. A fire in 1788 destroyed most of the town’s historical centre.

At Saugues, pilgrims are welcomed by an impressive wood carving of the beast of Gévaudan, half hyena half lion, which terrorised the region in the 18th century.

SAUGUES – LES FAUX 24km. Estimated walking time approx. 7 hours - Day 4/Night 4

As you continue your walk today to reach Les Faux, you will pass through a farming area of Le Sauvage, an area dating back to the Templars.

LES FAUX – SAINT-ALBAN-SUR-LIMAGNOLE 6.5km. Estimated walking time approx. 2 hours - Day 5/Night 5

From Les Faux, you will arrive at Saint-Alban-sur-Limagnole. Spend some time admiring the stunning Roman Church.

SAINT-ALBAN-SUR-LIMAGNOLE - AUMONT-AUBRAC 15km. Estimated walking time approx. 2-3 hours Day 6/Night 6

Aumont-Aubrac, gateway to the mythic Aubrac high plateau, has always had strong links to the Camino. Back in medieval times, this is where pilgrims coming from the East on the Le Puy Route rested before tackling the upcoming bleak and isolated lands of Aubrac.

Try the local Aligot, a delicious dish traditionally cooked in Aubrac, composed of melted cheese blended into mashed potatoes, often with garlic – yummo !!

AUMONT-AUBRAC - NASBINALS 26km. Estimated walking time approx. 7 hours - Day 7/Night 7

The Aubrac plateau is a volcanic and granitic plateau and the landscape is picturesque with wide pastures and narrow paths with stone walls. Stop at the beautiful granite fountain in the remote village of Rieutort. You will see typical Aubrac cows grazing between sleepy villages and farmhouses before arriving at Nasbinals, your stop for the night. Make sure to visit the 11th century Romanesque church in Nasbinals before you continue on your journey.

The region is known for its knife industry. It is here that the Laguiole knife is made by around thirty local craftsmen.

NASBINALS - ST-CHELY 17km. Estimated walking time approx. 4-5 hours - Day 8/Night 8

Today, the Camino ascends to one of its highest points before descending to the historic hamlet of Aubrac. The historic hamlet of Aubrac is a renowned stopping point along the way. After Aubrac you will discover the Belvezet hamlet containing the remains of a castle dating from the 13th century.

The entire walk today, from Nasbinals to Saint-Chély d’Aubrac is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site

ST-CHELY – SAINT-COME-D’OLT 16km Estimated walking time approx. 3-4 hours - Day 9/Night 9

Today you will pass through beautiful beechwood and chestnut forests to arrive at the medieval village of Saint-Come-d’Olt, one of the ‘nicest villages in France’ and is highly regarded for its old quarters, beautiful church and bell tower.

SAINT-COME-D’OLT - ESPALION 10km. Estimated walking time approx. 2-3 hours - Day 10/Night 10

It is then a leisurely stroll as you come down the Aubrac plateau to the appealing village of Espalion, on the banks of the Lot River. Don't miss the church of Espalion which is a UNESCO world heritage site. There are also many other interesting sites, take a walk around and enjoy the village.

ESPALION - GOLINHAC 26km. Estimated walking time approx. 6-7 hours - Day 11/Night 11

On today’s walk, as you walk up on the Rouergate mountain with stunning views over the Lot Valley, you will find well-preserved treasures that form part of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites list like the beautiful Roman church of Bessuéjouls with its upper chapel hidden in the 11th century steeple and also the medieval village of Estaing, with its impressive castle. You will continue along the Lot River to reach your destination, the pretty village of Golinhac.

GOLINHAC - CONQUES 21km. Estimated walking time approx. 5-6 hours - Day 12/Night 12

Your walk today takes you through the peaceful woodland countryside to arriving in Conques. The Abbey Church of Conques is one of the treasures along this route and a site not to be missed when you are visiting the area.

CONQUES – END OF STAGE ONE - Day 13 – This stage finishes after breakfast this morning. (May 11, 2018)

CONQUES - DECAZEVILLE 20km. Estimated walking time approx. 5-6 hours - Day 13/Night 13

Leaving town today, you will cross a bridge over the River Dourdou, another UNESCO World Heritage site. From here it is a gradual climb to the chapel of Sainte-Foy. As you make your way to Decazeville you will pass through forests and lush fields and the village of Noailhac and the chapel of Sainte-Roch.

DECAZEVILLE - FIGEAC 33km. Estimated walking time approx. 7 hours - Day 14/Night 14

At the beginning of today’s walk, you will reach a viewing point with great views looking back at Decazeville. The landscape changes from the Aveyron region into Le Lot region as you reach Figeac. You will again walk along a section of the Camino, which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

FIGEAC - CAJARC 31km. Estimated walking time approx. 7-8 hours - Day 15/Night 15

Leaving Figeac you will climb up to the high plateau, which offers fantastic views. You will pass many dolmens, stone shepherd shelters known as “caselle” and stone crosses. Carjac is a lovely little village, which sits on the banks of Le Lot river.

CAJARC – VARAIRE 26km. Estimated walking time approx. 6-7 hours – Day 16/Night 16

Today’s walk takes you over the limestone plateau. The area is famous for its black truffles sought out mostly with pigs or trained truffle dogs. 

VARAIRE - CAHORS 32km. Estimated walking time approx. 5-6 hours - Day 17/Night 17 (May 15, 2018)

Your final day of walking will see you travel along yet another section of the camino, which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. You will again pass many of the stone shepherd shelters typical of the region. There are great views of the medieval town of Cahors as you make your way to the centre of the village.

CAHORS – END OF STAGE TWO - Day 18 – This stage finishes after breakfast this morning.

(May 16, 2018) – An extra night before starting stage two.

CAHORS – EXTRA NIGHT FOR STAGE TWO - Day 18/Night 18 (May 16, 2018)

Cahors is a lovely provincial city. Be sure to visit to the old Cahors and St. Stephen's Cathedral with its Romanesque portal and tympanum bearing Ascension of Christ and the Pont Valentré Bridge, now a symbol of the city.


CAHORS - MONTCUQ 32km. Day 19/Night 19 – (May 17, 2018)

MONTCUQ - DURFORT 26km. Day 20/Night 20

DURFORT - MOISSAC 15km. Day 21/Night 21 

MOISSAC - AUVILLAR 21km. Day 22/Night 22

AUVILLAR - MIRADOUX 17km. Day 23/Night 23

MIRADOUX - LECTOURE 15km. Day 24/Night 24

LECTOURE – LE ROMIEU 19km. Day 25/Night 25

LE ROMIEU -CONDOM 13km. Day 26/Night 26

CONDOM – EXTRA NIGHT - Day 27/Night 27 

CONDOM - MONTREAL 16km. Day 28/Night 28

MONTREAL - EAUZE 17km. Day 29/Night 29

EAUZE - NOGARO 21km. Day 30/Night 30

NOGARO – AIRE-SUR-I’ADOUR 28km. Day 31/Night 31


MIRAMONT-SENSACQ – ARZACQ 16km. Day 33/Night 33

ARZACQ - ARTHEZ-DE-BEARN 30km. Day 34/Night 34 

ARTHEZ-DE-BEARN – NAVARRENX 32km. Day 35/Night 35



LARCEVEAU – ST JEAN PIED DE PORT 21km. Day 38/Night 38 (June 5, 2018)

ST JEAN PIED DE PORT - Day 39 (June 6, 2018)

Wandering the World hope you have had a journey of a lifetime and welcome your choice to wander with us again.


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