Magical and Romantic Jane Reed

Regarded as the ‘Venice of the East’ – Udaipur - like most of the esteemed cities in Rajasthan (India’s largest State) is very popular with visitors. And for good reason.  Like Venice, it is an absolutely magical, beautiful and romantic city, and is well worth visiting and spending time in. It has a superb tranquility and serenity about it and is one of my favourite cities in India.

My first visit to Udaipur was in the month of November - which as I discovered when I arrived - is “Wedding Season”.  It seemed that everywhere we went we were amongst wedding celebrations.  

Around the hotel we were staying in, the celebrations seemed to be ongoing - and for all hours of the day (and night). In fact, Indian weddings not only go on for all hours of the day - they go on for many days! 

The most notable wedding we heard about while we where in Udaipur was at the Lake Palace Hotel, which was fully booked out by an arms dealer for his daughter’s wedding for four days.

And thanks to the arms dealer and his daughter’s wedding celebrations, we had the most wonderful experience on our last night in Udaipur.  We were dining at a restaurant over looking the shimmering Lake Pichola and the Lake Palace Hotel, when the most extraordinary fireworks show took place. According to the friends I was with, the fireworks display was even more spectacular than Sydney on News Year Eve!

 Apart from witnessing wedding celebrations, there are many wonderful places to visit, and spend time at, while in Udaipur – including:

  • The utterly impressive City Palace - built over a period of nearly 400 years.

  • The Monsoon Palace - where you can enjoy the most stunning views over Udaipur and spectacular sunsets.

  • An early morning visit and wander around beautiful Lake Pichola.

  • The Jagdish Temple – the large Hindu temple right in the middle of Udaipur.

  • Wandering through the tempting bazaars and shops - especially Ganesh Emporium, which is an extraordinary treasure trove of shopping with a myriad of rooms that seem to go on forever and a fantastic array of merchandise on offer, such as magnificent pashminas, silk bedspreads, wall hangings, floor rugs, and clothing.  

I look forward to the next time I visit Udaipur, and to once again enjoying the magic, beauty, romance, and hidden gems of this truly special city. For those who wish for full immersion in the local culture of India, Udaipur is not to be missed.

The  trip that Jane is escorting in Rajasthan in January 2016 spends two days in Udaipur. There are currently still a few places available on this trip – but we don’t expect them to last long. To view the itinerary for the Jewels of Northern India trip you can download the trip notes here. For further information email  

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