The Via Francigena – Escorted Trip - Gran San Bernardo to Rome

Gran San Bernardo to Rome
A life changing, 1,000km journey of discovery awaits you, not only the beauty of nature but also of history, art, and stunning landscapes, this itinerary presents the entire passage from Gran San Bernardo to Rome.

The Via Francigena, is the historic route from northern Europe leading to the Eternal City. Following in the footsteps of the pilgrims who, even before the year 1000, travelled down the Italian peninsula. Passing through the valley of Aosta, Piedmont, Lombardy, Emilia-Romagna, Liguria, Tuscany and Lazio.

Take your first step to Rome here on one of our escorted journeys.


Gran San Bernardo to Rome (55 days) commencing August 24, 2021
From Price: Euro5,990 per person twin share.
Single Supplement: Euro1,500

Lucca to Rome (25 days) commencing September 23, 2021
From Price: Euro3,880 per person twin share.
Single Supplement: Euro1,250

Siena to Rome (18 days) commencing September 30, 2021
From Price: Euro3,150 per person twin share.
Single Supplement: Euro1,080

TRIP TYPE: Moderate to Challenging (with some easy walking days)

: Included daily GROUP SIZE: Limited to 12

OTHER: Luggage Transfer

The Via Francigena, also referred to as ‘Grande Randonnee’ – route number GR145 was not a single road, like a Roman road, paved with stone blocks and provided at intervals with a change of horses for official travellers. Rather, it comprised several possible routes that changed over the centuries as trade and pilgrimage waxed and waned. Depending on the time of year, the political situation, and the relative popularity of the shrines of the saints situated along the route, travellers may have used any of three or four crossings of the Alps and the Apennines. The Lombards financed the maintenance and security of the section of road through their territories as a trading route to the north from Rome, avoiding enemy-held cities such as Florence. Another important point is that unlike Roman roads, the Via Francigena did not connect cities, but relied more on abbeys.

In the Middle Ages, Via Francigena was the major pilgrimage route to Rome from the north. The route was first documented as the "Lombard Way", and was first called the Iter Francorum (the "Frankish Route") in the Itinerarium sancti Willibaldi of 725, a record of the travels of Willibald, bishop of Eichstätt in Bavaria. It was "Via Francigena-Francisca" in Italy and Burgundy, the "Chemin des Anglois" in the Frankish Kingdom (after the evangelisation of England in 607) and also the "Chemin Romieux", the road to Rome
The name Via Francigena is first mentioned in the Actum Clusio, a parchment of 876 in the Abbey of San Salvatore at Monte Amiata (Tuscany).

At the end of the 10th century Sigeric the Serious, the Archbishop of Canterbury, used the Via Francigena to and from Rome in order to receive his pallium; he recorded his route and his stops on the return journey, but nothing in the document suggests that the route was then new.

Later itineraries to Rome include the Leiðarvísir og borgarskipan of the Icelandic traveler Nikolás Bergsson (in 1154) and the one from Philip Augustus of France.


Your ‘Wandering the World’ team has secured your accommodation in rural local bed and breakfast style properties including small hotels and guesthouses. At times we will have the pleasure of staying in small remote villages and therefore we are limited for choice, however the lodging is always clean and comfortable with a friendly welcome.

For your convenience, your private accommodation is booked in advance, with a daily luggage transfer, so you can simply enjoy the walking.


You will be equipped with a Via Francigena App and Via Francigena route notes to guide you on the well-marked paths and tracks. There is at least a basic level of fitness required and some uphill stretches will test even the fittest on particular days.

 1,000 kilometres on foot from the Gran San Bernardo to Rome
Day            Date                         Walk
1              24/8/2021         ARRIVE GRAN SAN BERNARDO PASS 55 Day - Gran San Bernardo to Rome
2              25/8/2021         Etroubles - 13km
3              26/8/2021         Aosta - 16km
4              27/8/2021         Nus – 14km
5              28/8/2021         St Vincent - 19km
6              29/8/2021         Verres - 14km
7              30/8/2021         Pont St Martin - 15km
8              31/8/2021         Ivrea - 23km
9                1/9/2021         Viverone - 20km
10              2/9/2021         Santhia - 17km
11              3/9/2021         Vercelli - 27km
12              4/9/2021         Mortara - 34km
13              5/9/2021         Garlasco - 21km
14              6/9/2021         Pavia - 25km
15              7/9/2021         REST DAY
16              8/9/2021         Belgioioso - 16km
17              9/9/2021         Piacenza - 30km
18            10/9/2021         Fiorenzuola d Arda -32km
19            11/9/2021         Fidenza - 22km
20            12/9/2021         Medesano - 23km
21            13/9/2021         Fornovo di Taro - 11km
22            14/9/2021         Berceto - 32km
23            15/9/2021         Previde - 19km
24            16/9/2021         Pontremoli – 11km
25            17/9/2021         Filattiera 11km or Filetto – 17km
26            18/9/2021         Aulla - 21km or 15km
27            19/9/2021         Sarzanello - 17km
28            20/9/2021         Massa - 29km
29            21/9/2021         Camaiore - 26km
30            22/9/2021         Lucca - 24km
31            23/9/2021         REST DAY/ARRIVAL DAY - Lucca    8-Day - Lucca to Siena 25-Day - Lucca to Rome
32            24/9/2021         Altopascio - 19km                                
33            25/9/2021         San Miniato - 29km                              
34            26/9/2021         Gambassi Terme - 24km                              
35            27/9/2021         San Gimignano - 14km                         
36            28/9/2021         Monteriggioni - 31km                           
37            29/9/2021         Siena - 21km                                         
38            30/9/2021         REST DAY/ARRIVAL DAY - Siena   End of Lucca - Siena Section / Day 1 of  18-Day - Siena to Rome
39            1/10/2021         Grancia/Ponte d'Arbia - 26km              
40            2/10/2021         Montalcino - 18km                              
41            3/10/2021         Castelnuovo dell'Abate - 13km           
42            4/10/2021         San Quirico / Pienza - 21km               
43            5/10/2021         Rocca d'Orcia/Castiglione - 12km    
44            6/10/2021         Radicofani - 24km                              
45            7/10/2021         Proceno - 24.5km                                
46            8/10/2021         Acquapendente 20km                         
47            9/10/2021         Bolsena - 23km                                   
48          10/10/2021         Montefiascone - 18km                        
49          11/10/2021         Viterbo - 18km                                   
50          12/10/2021         Lago di Vico - 16km                          
51          13/10/2021         Sutri - 24km                                        
52          14/10/2021         Campagnano Romano - 24km           
53          15/10/2021         Isola Farnese / La Storta - 23km          
54          16/10/2021         Rome - 18-20km                                
55          17/10/2021         Onward Travel                                   

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