5 reasons why a walking holiday with Wandering the World must be on your bucket list.

A walking holiday truly is a transformative experience from any angle you look at it.

Getting fit is a bonus and breathing in fresh air is great, but it is nourishing on so many other levels. 

Here's the top five reasons why we think you should take a walk with us.

You'll use your legs (and get fitter) 
The great thing about walking holidays is that they don’t discriminate - it doesn’t matter if you are at the top of your fitness game or just getting back into exercise, there is a trip for you. We offer a range of options from escorted trips with an experienced local leader or host to self-guided walks for people who prefer to take things at their own pace.

We are also strong believers in nurturing an adventurous spirit from the get-go, so we’ve created tailor-made tours for families with young children, where we design an itinerary with easy to manage walking days and family-friendly activities.

Whatever the destination or the type of adventure, we do all the research and planning for you, so all you need to do is bring a pair of sturdy hiking boots and an open heart and mind.
Depending on the trip you take, you will be walking anywhere between 5kms and 30kms a day on a whole raft of surfaces. Cobblestones, forested paths, grassy hills, coastal tracks - whatever it is you will be getting your heart rate going!

The bonus is that whatever trip you take, you will definitely come home fitter.

You'll be one with nature
One thing is sure, a trip with Wandering the World will guarantee you are connected to mother nature. From ancient hilltop villages in Japan to the cascading hills of Scotland and breathtaking coastline of Portugal, our walking experiences force you to detox from the hectic pace of everyday life and settle into a slower groove. You’ll be surprised at how quickly the impulse to reach for your phone just dissipates and how you tune into the smells and sights around you.

We specialise in walking trips to the Camino , a network of ancient pilgrimages that all lead to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, in Spain. It doesn’t matter which route you take, you’ll be taken on a journey of spiritual growth as you walk past and experience mother nature at her most beautiful- enchanting forests, endless beaches, chestnut groves and eucalyptus woods - all in a matter of days. Being outdoors every day and walking the path that so many have taken before you, truly is a game changer.

You'll be 'off the beaten track' 
Possibly the best thing about a walking adventure with Wandering the World is the access to experiences and sights that you just can’t see on a driving holiday or bus tour. Exploring on foot guarantees those ‘pinch-me-this-is-happening’ encounters. On a trip to Italy, you may meet a charming Nonna who makes her own bread and pasta and invites you to try some. Or on an adventure to Spain, you may stumble across a local Galician band who treat you to an impromptu concert on the steps of a cathedral. We know, because these things have actually happened to our travellers!

You'll eat delectable regional cuisine
Aside from a love of adventure, another thing 99.9% of our adventurers have in common is a love for food. Luckily, so do we, so all of our trips guarantee a culinary experience too, from cooked to order omelettes in a French village to vegetarian feasts in the mountains of Koyasan, Japan- we’ve got you covered.

We also have dedicated Food and Wine tours throughout Portugal and Spain where walking and eating take equal precedence. On these trips Bodegas, Fincas and highly sought after local restaurants are the norm, and mouth-watering wine is a must.

I will never forget walking in the beautiful Douro amongst the grapevines and picking deliciously ripe cherries as we walked.”- Tula, six-time Wandering the World wanderer. 
You'll make friends for life
The food and the sights are incredible, but the like-minded people you meet on our trips will leave an indelible mark. We cap our walks at 14 people to keep them intimate, so you will be surprised at how quickly you get to know the people in your group. From regaling tales about the sights you’ve seen that day, meals you’ve devoured or even blisters you are keeping at bay, your walking group (in the words of one of our most regular travellers) “ will turn into a small family.


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