Upgrade and Indulge

All our trips have a focus on food and wine, but we understand that one can never have too much of a good thing. That’s why we’re more than happy to put together itineraries that put food and dining at the very centre. Because we’ve spent so much time in our destinations, we’ve been able to form very close relationships with the locals and have access to unique places and experiences that others don’t.

We’ll introduce you to Paulo, who will take you downriver to his family-run vineyard, or a local shepherd who milks goats to create an incredible local cheese. You can sample the world’s best cheesecake in San Sebastian or take part in one of Kyoto’s historic tea ceremonies. Taste your way through the street markets in Abruzzo or sit down to dinner at one of Porto’s Michelin-starred restaurants. Visit wineries in the Douro Valley and La Rioja, and taste the world’s best Gelato in San Gimignano.

There’s really no better way to connect with the locals than through food. And though you don’t have to walk if you don’t want to, we truly believe there’s no better combination than a long walk and an even longer lunch.