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  • St Francis’ Way

    Journey in the footsteps of St Francis of Assisi, one of Italy’s patron saints, while walking through some 520 kilometres of Italian countryside and mountains on this epic walk from Florence to Rome. This is wonderful walking, with very manageable ascents and descents, complemented by the striking natural beauty of woodlands, mountain peaks, rolling green…

  • St Francis’ Way

    Beginning in Umbria, the green heart of Italy, this journey will see you walking from Assisi, the birthplace of St Francis’ of Assisi, one of Italy’s patron saints, to the Eternal City of Rome.  Spend 16 days immersed in the history and culture of Italy, witnessing the ancient, beautiful landscape and learning about the people…

  • St Francis’ Way

    Enjoy a 10-day taster of St Francis’ Way from Assisi – the celebrated birthplace of St Francis – to Rieti, a wonderful Italian town. Taste and trek your way along the saint’s trail through the Italian countryside, taking in jaw-dropping views and mouth-watering meals as you uncover the stories and people that make this part…

  • Walking the Amalfi Coast

    Enjoy an incredible, eight-day walking holiday taking in the Amalfi region’s attractive coastline, Naples’ food and Pompeii’s history. An absolute must-do for lovers of history and hiking, this journey is the perfect way to spend a short break, basking in the beauty of the coast and soaking up both the sun and a permeating sense…

  • St Francis’ Way –The final 100kms

    Walk the final stretch of St Francis’ Way to Rome, beginning in Rieti and ending at St Peter’s Basilica. Fuel your legs with tasty, traditional Italian food and plenty of local wine, enjoying a mix of challenging and comfortable walking through the Roman countryside. Your final steps in Rome, leading up to the door of…

  • Via Francigena

    Taking in the final section of the Via Francigena, this 17-day pilgrimage has all the hallmarks of a classic Italian walk. From vineyards and olive groves to homemade pasta and doppio espressos, you’ll never have more efficient fuel in your tank than when walking in Italy.

  • Via Francigena

    Imagine Tuscan hills, plates of pizza and pasta, Chianti wine and castles and cathedrals. Quite simply, this section of the Via Francigena, the historic pilgrimage to the Eternal city of Rome, could be the best nine days of walking in Italy and possibly the whole of Europe.

  • Via Francigena

    Join the many thousands of pilgrims who have embarked on this ancient journey to Italy’s Eternal city . Tackle this section of the Via Francigena from Lucca to Rome, taking in 25 days and 435 kilometres of prime Italian real estate along the way.

  • The Full Via Francigena

    A pilgrimage of epic proportions, the Via Francigena is a historic route to the Eternal City of Rome, covering 1000 kilometres of stunning terrain and over 1000 years of history.