Glenyce’s working life began in the local factory in Warrnambool, far away from the glitz and glamour of European travel. Though she didn’t take her first overseas trip until the age of 19, Glenyce made up for lost time by visiting what at the time, seemed like the most important place in the world – Disneyland.

Her next stop was Europe, where a one-year plan turned into a travel extravaganza, and she spent eight years roaming all corners of the globe including Africa and South America. She’s since visited 136 countries across all seven continents and her appetite has turned to walking, frequently returning to the places she enjoys most. The Camino features highly on this list, which explains why she has walked it 24 times and counting, as do walking trails in Japan, Scotland, Ireland and England.

After working in the UK and returning to Australia, Melbourne seemed like the happy medium between London and Warrnambool. She took her first job in the travel industry in 1999 with Peregrine Adventures and it was a match made in heaven. She spent 15 years with Peregrine, eventually becoming managing director, which laid the foundations for an even bigger dream – Wandering the World. This company is the result of an aspiration she didn’t know she had until she realised how passionate she is about sharing all the places she loves most.

Glenyce now divides her time between home in Melbourne, and her second home, the Camino, where she walks its many paths over and over making sure Wandering the World has unforgettable experiences waiting for its walkers.


For Dawn, Wandering the World is an opportunity to inspire people to achieve their dreams, and she is passionate about that. She loves everything about travel, from experiencing new cultures to discovering incredible food, which she says is the best bit.

Dawn has visited every continent and walked 24 Caminos, wearing out many pairs of socks, boots and walking poles along the way. Her favourite thing to do is walk into a village, pop into the local bar for a chat, enjoy a coffee and a huge slice of Spanish omelette, then walk it off in the afternoon. It’s guilt-free living, washed down with the local drop at the end of the day.

Though Dawn was previously an executive assistant in the health field, she’s picked up plenty of different skills while working in law, education and now travel. What she loves most about Wandering the World, she says, is that it’s so personable and Glenyce’s passion for walking rubs off on both customers and colleagues. She’s proud to be sharing the dream, the journey and the Camino with the rest of the world.


Karen met Glenyce at Peregrine Adventures and worked with her for over a decade, though she’s been in the travel industry for 25 years. In that time, she’s travelled to every continent and still thinks that the best part of any holiday is the food. There are never enough meals in the day to eat everything she wants, but at least all the walking allows her to try!

What excites Karen – aside from food – is working in a small, specialist travel business where she can be involved in every aspect and share in the journey of growth and success. She walked the Camino de Santiago in 2018 – her first walking holiday – and loved the slower pace, which allowed her to soak up little details like the fruit on the trees, the fields of corn and pumpkin, and talking to strangers while walking. She says that it’s a style of travel that allows you to get up close to a new culture, eat a lot of delicious local food, stay in memorable places and – best of all – you don’t even need to carry your bag.

After the Camino, Karen walked the Kumano Kodo in Japan and absolutely loved the sights, smells and sounds of walking through the forests, and of course, the Japanese food. Now she can’t wait to experience all of Wandering the World’s walks – she reckons there’s no better holiday.


From her first backpacking trip through Europe and Egypt in the early ‘80s, Jane was bitten hard by the travel bug. Over the next four decades, she was fortunate to combine her love of walking with so many wonderful travel experiences, with her career in advertising and marketing eventually landing her at Peregrine Adventures, where she met Glenyce and Karen.

There have been plenty of trips back to some of the countries from Jane’s early travels, including Italy, Spain and France, as well as experiences across all seven continents. Some of her highlights include trekking the majestic peaks of the Himalaya and Patagonia, walking the Camino in Spain and Portugal, and feasting on what she calls the most delicious food ever while walking through the Japanese forests.

For Jane, there’s no better way to experience what a country has to offer than by discovering it on foot, whether you’re marvelling at the beauty of nature or discovering a town’s medieval history, chatting with a local or enjoying a wine at the end of the day. This, she says, is the essence of Wandering the World.