Family trips

There’s nothing that brings a family together like time out on the trails. A walking holiday – whether it’s in Spain, Portugal, Italy, UK or Nepal – is a rare opportunity to slow things down and witness the landscapes open up along with your kids. Forget tablets; forget textbooks; here, the locals and other walkers are teachers, while the outdoors is their classroom. Your family won’t just be walking through a country, they’ll be walking through history, immersing themselves in a completely different culture and learning the importance of taking things one step at a time.

All our family itineraries, which have been specifically designed with families in mind, are completely customisable. We can slow the pace, include rest days and transfers, shorten distances or even alter accommodation to include, for example, a swimming pool. It doesn’t matter whether you have young children or teenagers, we can put together the perfect family walking holiday that gets you from A to B while making the most of all the magic in between.

Family Trips

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