Sink into the spiritual home of the Camino de Santiago in Spain.

From the mighty waves crashing on the Atlantic coast to the snow-dusted peaks of the Pyrenees, Spain possesses a certain magic that can be felt in one’s bones. You can taste it in a glass of Rioja’s ruby-red wine; smell it wafting from a plate of pintxos as San Sebastian’s golden beaches glow in the fading sunlight. You’ll hear it on a warm breeze, drifting lazily across the vast inland plains – it’s saying hola, welcome to Spain.

Spain has shaped the world as know it, from the furthest continents to its closest neighbours. It’s a patchwork of medieval kingdoms that’s been ripped apart and put together again and again. Now, it’s one of the most exciting and passionate countries in the world, with each region treasuring its unique history and culture, not to mention cuisine. The Spanish are world leaders when it comes to both paddock-to-plate dining and exquisite seafood. And with bodegas pouring outstanding regional wines and streets lined with tapas bars, there’s a slice of Spain to suit every tastebud. With so much diversity across both culture and landscapes, as well as some of the best walking fuel on earth, Spain is the perfect place to explore on foot.