A mountainous adventure for the pilgrim that needs more.

The San Salvador Way is a short but mountainous route from Leon to Oviedo. It came about as a result of pilgrims wishing to deviate from the route to Santiago to visit Oviedo Cathedral, a magnificent building that has housed a number of relics and treasures belonging to the Kingdom of Asturias. The Camara Santa, a small, World Heritage-listed chapel attached to the cathedral, still plays this important role today. The relics include the Box of Agate and the Shroud of Oviedo, which is said to be a bloodstained cloth that was wrapped around the head of Jesus after he died.

Religious relics aside, the walking itself is absolutely stunning and constitutes the most mountainous of the Camino routes. Don’t be fooled by the shorter distance; it can certainly be testing. That said, it’s a relatively quiet route and one well worth making the effort – you’ll also receive a special pilgrim credential, the Salvadorana. Pilgrims can either end their journey in Oviedo or continue to pick up the Camino Primitivo from the cathedral.

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