Redefine your definition of beauty as you tread lightly across the roof of the world.

Welcome to the Mountain Kingdom! From Kathmandu’s spiritual streets to the remote reaches of the Annapurnas, there’s something special about Nepal’s atmosphere and it’s not just the lack of oxygen found at its highest peaks. The Nepali are some of the toughest – not to mention generous – people in the world and have painstakingly built their lives by toiling away in the most beautiful surrounds imaginable. A culture of love and understanding pervades everyday existence here and a walking holiday in Nepal is sure to imprint itself on every traveller’s soul. With itineraries taking you to incredible places including the Annapurna range, Chitwan National Park and Pokhara, we’re excited to provide a transformative trekking experience that’ll leave you feeling higher than Everest.

Walks Through Nepal

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