San Sebastián to Santiago de Compostela

‘A life changing, 800km walking pilgrimage across northern Spain’

This itinerary presents the entire Camino del Norte, starting in San Sebastian in the Basque province and winding westward through four regions: the Basque land; Cantabria; Asturias and Galicia, where the path heads inland to arrive in Santiago de Compostela.


DATE:  SEPTEMBER 16, 2021 - OCTOBER 27, 2021

CAMINO: 42 days/41 nights MEALS: 41 Breakfasts, 28 dinners OTHER: Luggage Transfer – 20kg per person

TRIP TYPE: Hosted/Escorted & Self-guided. Moderate to Challenging GROUP SIZE: Maximum 12

FROM PRICE: EURO 6,175 per person, twin share  SINGLE SUPPLEMENT: EURO 1,940 

DEPOSIT: AUD 2,000 per person


An epic 806km, on the Northern Way you will walk along spectacular coastline, visit local fishing villages and take time to enjoy beautiful beaches. With endless stunning sea-views to your right and rugged mountain scenery, including the famed Picos de Europa, on your left, this Camino route is often called the ‘Nature Lovers’ Route’. Here and there the path leaves the coastal coves to traverse rolling green hills, forests and valleys. For those interested in history, much of the Northern Way follows the ancient Roman road, the ‘Via Agrippa’.

One of the historical pilgrimage routes to Santiago de Compostela, the Northern Way is an alternative to the much busier Camino Frances or French Way which lies over the mountains to the south. During medieval times, pilgrims walked the Camino del Norte to avoid the danger of attack by the Moors who had advanced from the south of Spain in the 9th Century. With the Camino Frances becoming more dangerous, pilgrims kept close to the coast on the Northern Route.

Like all Caminos, the Northern Way began as a religious pilgrimage to the relics of Saint James the Apostle, believed to be interred in the grand old Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. Since the ninth century, millions of pilgrims have set out on this journey, many with a purely religious motivation. Yet even in those ancient times, many pilgrims were on the road for less lofty reasons and may have set out just to see the world and find adventure. Nowadays, some walk simply for health and rejuvenation, to experience inspiringl landscape, history and architecture, or to complete a spiritual or religious journey. It is rare to find a pilgrim who has not been transformed in some way by walking their Camino. For many, walking a Camino is a life changing experience.

The countryside on the Camino del Norte is extremely picturesque with winding rivers, stone fences and bridges and rolling green hills often dotted with a church steeple on the horizon. A church steeple usually means a town and a town means a rest – but while it may look close, it is quite likely two or more kilometres away. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other – the Camino mantra.

The daily walk provides plenty of thinking and reflection time and the challenge of walking distances of 20 to 30 kilometres per day becomes easier as fitness increases with each step.

Walking the Camino is a chance to shake off your worries for another time and place, or if you like to ponder the larger questions as you build a daily routine of walking through inspiring landscapes. It provides thinking time to crystallise the 'where to from here', or if you prefer, to let go of conscious thought all together.

There is an enormous depth of history as well as everyday learning on the Camino, as people of all ages from all over the world come together to walk the paths that so many have done before them. The local people are proud of their country and culture, and readily offer their hospitality. Their generosity is overwhelming. Engaging with the locals is most rewarding and at times quite emotional, with many elderly ladies in the local churches keen to stamp your pilgrims passbook in recognition of your visit.


Your ‘Wandering the World’ team has secured accommodation in a mix of centrally located hotels and ‘casa rurals’ – Spanish privately owned accommodation. The local food is a highlight especially when ‘mama’ is in the kitchen preparing a three-course meal known as the pilgrim’s staple. Fresh seafood and hearty stews are a specialty and the region of Asturias is famous for its cider.

For your convenience, your private accommodation is booked in advance, with a daily luggage transfer. This means you are carefree to enjoy your day, and the idea is to enhance the enjoyment of your walk.


This trip is escorted, however you are free to walk at your own pace in your own time, hence the description as ‘self-guided’.

You will be equipped with easy to read maps and instructions complete with directions to guide you on the well-marked paths and tracks, following the famous yellow arrows. Wandering the World takes care of all your accommodation and daily luggage transfers so you can relax and enjoy your journey.

There is at least a basic level of fitness required and some uphill stretches will test even the fittest on particular days.


Day 1/Night 1: Arrive San Sebastián – September 16, 2021

Day 2/Night 2: San Sebastián-Getaria (26 km)

Day 3/Night 3: Getaria-Deba (18 km)

Day 4/Night 4: Deba-Markina (24 km)

Day 5/Night 5: Markina-Gernika (25 km)

Day 6/Night 6: Gernika-Lezama (21 km)

Day 7/Night 7: Lezama-Bilbao (15 km)

REST DAY – Day 8/Night 8 

Day 9/Night 9: Bilbao-Portugalete (10 km)

Day 10/Night 10: Portugalete-Castro Urdiales (29 km)

Day 11/Night 11: Castro Urdiales-Laredo (30 km)

Day 12/Night 12: Laredo-Noja (14 km)

Day 13/Night 13: Noja-Santander (27 km)

There is the option to cross by boat to save 3.5 km.

REST DAY - Day 14/Night 14

Day 15/Night 15: Santander-Acre (20 km)

Day 16/Night 16: Acre-Santillana del Mar (27 km)

Day 17/Night 17: Santillana del Mar -Comillas (23 km)

Day 18/Night 18: Comillas-Unquera (27 km)

Day 19/Night 19:  Unquera-Llanes (25 km)

REST DAY - Day 20/Night 20: 

Day 21/Night 21: Llanes-Ribadesella (31 km)

Day 22/Night 22: Ribadesella-Colunga (20 km)

Day 23/Night 23: Colunga-Villaviciosa (17 km)

Day 24/Night 24: Villaviciosa-Gijón(30 km)

REST DAY - Day 25/Night 25 

Day 26/Night 26: Gijón-Avilés (25 km)

Day 27/Night 27: Avilés-El Pito (28 km)

Day 28/Night 28: El Pito-Ballota (27 km)

Day 29/Night 29: Ballota-Luarca (24 km)

Day 30/Night 30: Luarca-Navia (19 km)

Day 31/Night 31:Navia-Ribadeo (31 km)

REST DAY - Day 32/Night 32:

Day 33/Night 33: Ribadeo-Lourenza (28 km)

Day 34/Night 34: Lourenza-Abadín (25 km)

Day 35/Night 35: Abadín-Vilalba (20 km)

Day 36/Night 36: Vilalba-Baamonde (20 km)

Day 37/Night 37: Baamonde-Miraz (15 km)

Day 38/Night 38: Miraz-Sobrado dos Monxes (26 km)

Day 39/Night 39: Sobrado dos Monxes-Arzúa (22 km)

Day 40/Night 40: Arzúa-Rua (19 km)

Day 41/Night 41: Rua-Santiago de Compostela (20 km)

Day 42: Onward journey – October 27, 2021

Wandering the World welcomes new wanderers.

For those who have returned, we trust you have had a journey of a lifetime and welcome your choice to wander with us again.


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