A life-changing walk along the Camino del Norte, starting in San Sebastian in the Basque province and winding westward through the Basque land to Bilbao. 



DATE: JULY 16 - 23, 2018

TRIP LENGTH: 8 Days/7 Nights  GROUP SIZE: 12 participants MEALS: 7 Breakfasts, 2 Dinners with wine

OTHER: Luggage Transfer – 20KG GRADE: Easy/Moderate

PRICE: Euro 2,700 per person twin share


Louise Marra and Brook Weatherall are highly respected and well renowned teacher and coach of leadership, personal growth and consciousness expansion. They will combine the discovery of new places and curiosity of culture with the explorer part of yourself. You will learn new skills of mindfulness, of presence, of expansion and connectedness.



Walk your leadership growth in this exciting leadership development opportunity in 2018.

Your host, Louise Marra works both in leadership and on leadership.

Louise is passionate about helping people awaken to their own wholeness, wisdom and love

“Walking and being in nature allows us to heal and change our outdated patterns and versions of ourselves in favour of the larger self that is waiting for us.”

Louise has worked with prime ministers, corporate leaders, many different organisations, the community sector, street kids, all types of individuals to help them and others create a better world through more skilled and authentic leadership.


Many leadership programmes are held inside with many models of leadership to explore. This programme is designed to get you moving, to get your leadership moving, your life moving … so we move.

The programme combines walking and outer fitness with inner fitness along the magical Camino del Norte, starting in San Sebastian in the Basque province of Spain and walking through the transformed city of Bilbao.

Along the way we will also transform, considering our patterns, our drivers and working with all our intelligences to reach a more authentic place within ourselves, and renew ourselves.

We need to stay fit and agile in our leadership on the inside, and on the outside.

We combine this to help people make big shifts in their life in leadership.

Each day we work with a theme and an intelligence, understanding our past with it and walking into and creating a new future with it.

We share, we laugh, we explore, we show up, we name, we work with our vulnerability and we relate to the world, people and land around us.

So come along and find some new places within and without and renew and update your leadership.

Methods include:

 - Personal and group inquiries and practices each day
 - Group sessions
 - Individual coaching along the trail
 - Prototypes
 - And of course the magic of the walking itself


 - Exploring the leadership literacies needed for today’s crazy world
 - Being a living update of ourselves
 - Exploring all our intelligences – what are they and how do we use them
 - RQ exercises – our relational quotient – how do we relate and show up in the world
 - Mindfulness as a way of leading
 - Presence and charisma
 - Working with power
 - Working with our not knowing and planning not to know
 - Depth work on our true essence and purpose



Pillars of our wilderness adventure:

 - Learning being a life adventure!
 - Opening yourself to transformation
 - Listening to and sharing stories
 - Rekindling our creativity
 - Learning new tools for our life’s journey - presence, mindfulness, greater consciousness, emotional literacy, healing, wholeness and happiness practices 
 - To work with all our intelligences and live a life of heart 
 - The art of prototyping and experimentation as a way of life


Your host, Brook has been delighted to discover the potential of each of our intelligences, body, emotions, mind and spirit and the power of their coherent use to develop our capacity to be in relationship and to inform our everyday actions in the world.

She facilitates individuals and groups to journey into the realms of the inner life in the belief that real change begins within.

After 5 years of running a successful business in her mid 20's Brook completed a degree in Acupuncture, opening doors to a beautiful philosophy of systems thinking that has formed the foundation of her approach to life ever since.

Emigrating to New Zealand from London in 1984 Brook has extended herself through training and practice of Hypnotherapy and extensive post-graduate training in the work of J.L Moreno equipping her with the skills to lead individual and groups in transformational work.

Completing a Performing and Screen Arts in Contemporary Dance in 2007 followed by Shin Somatics accreditation as an educator and trainer in 2010 she believes that the moving body is under-estimated and has a beautiful and powerful contribution to make to our participation in the challenges that we currently face.

Brook brings all her experiences together within an individual, business and organisational context to help people explore their full potential on many levels, currently applying her skills as a facilitator for CQ (Collective Intelligence) for entrepreneurs, as a director of Ionza Ltd as well as offering training in personal sustainability through her business Sustainable You.


Methods include group sessions, where we share experiences and learn new tools to practice each day and personal coaching sessions while walking. All of this as we wander the Portugal Camino. Gathering each evening as a group to learn new tools for our life journey. A chance to connect with each other and also opportunities for one on one coaching.

This trip is hosted/escorted to welcome Wandering the World travellers at the joining hotel on the arrival day. It is also designed so you can share the journey with like-minded people and enjoy each other’s company. Your host/escort provides assistance, support and guidance to ensure you have an exceptional experience, with camaraderie and fun for all to enjoy.


One of the historical pilgrimage routes to Santiago de Compostela, the Northern Way is an alternative to the much busier Camino Frances or French Way, which lies over the mountains to the south. During medieval times, pilgrims walked the Camino del Norte to avoid the danger of attack by the Moors who had advanced from the south of Spain in the 9th Century. With the Camino Frances becoming more dangerous, pilgrims kept close to the coast on the Northern Route.

Like all Caminos, the Northern Way began as a religious pilgrimage to the relics of Saint James the Apostle, believed to be interred in the grand old Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. Since the ninth century, millions of pilgrims have set out on this journey, many with a purely religious motivation. Yet even in those ancient times, many pilgrims were on the road for less lofty reasons and may have set out just to see the world and find adventure. Nowadays, some walk simply for health and rejuvenation, to experience inspiring landscape, history and architecture, or to complete a spiritual or religious journey. It is rare to find a pilgrim who has not been transformed in some way by walking their Camino. For many, walking a Camino is a life changing experience.

The countryside on the Camino del Norte is extremely picturesque with winding rivers, stone fences and bridges and rolling green hills often dotted with a church steeple on the horizon. A church steeple usually means a town and a town means a rest – but while it may look close, it is quite likely two or more kilometres away. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other – the Camino mantra.

There is an enormous depth of history as well as everyday learning on the Camino, as people of all ages from all over the world come together to walk the paths that so many have done before them. The local people are proud of their country and culture, and readily offer their hospitality. Their generosity is overwhelming. Engaging with the locals is most rewarding and at times quite emotional, with many elderly ladies in the local churches keen to stamp your pilgrims passbook in recognition of your visit.


Your stay will be in an excellent combination of centrally located hotels and charming village accommodation dotted along the Camino.

The character, comfort, and often the uniqueness of the accommodation all adds to the experience. In some villages, you will stay in ‘Casa Rurals’, which are bed and breakfast style accommodation.

Your private accommodation is pre-booked in advance and is on a twin share basis with private en suite facilities. Single supplement is on request and where possible we will offer a gender share option as requested.

The local cuisine is also a highlight. On occasion, mama will be in the kitchen preparing a three-course hearty meal known as the pilgrim’s staple, which comes complete with a bottle of wine, (which can be returned to the kitchen if you wish, or if you are under age!). The cook, or regular chef will not disappoint, and all dietary requirements are taken care of in advance. The language is Spanish. English is difficult to find, which adds an exciting dimension and a great reminder that you are travelling in a foreign land.

Your luggage is transferred daily which means you are carefree to enjoy the walking, with no need to worry about your bed for that night, nor straining your body from carrying too many kilos on your back.


Although this trip is hosted/escorted the walking is SELF-GUIDED. You are therefore free to walk at your own pace in your own time, hence the description of self-guided. You will be equipped with easy to read maps and instructions complete with directions to guide you on the well-marked paths and tracks, following the yellow arrows. Wandering the World takes care of all your accommodation and daily luggage transfer so you can relax and enjoy your journey. This itinerary is carefully designed for easy to manage walking days. There is a basic level of fitness required and some uphill stretches in part, however, given you only need carry a lightweight day bag and your water supply, which can be replenished in the various villages on route, and other essentials such as snacks, it makes this trip very manageable for any inexperienced walker.


Day 1 & 2/Night 1 & 2 – Monday & Tuesday July 16 & 17, 2018

Welcome to San Sebastian. San Sebastian lies on the coast of the Bay of Biscay, 20km from the French border. Voted as the European Capital of Culture in 2016. The city boasts one of the best in-city beaches in Europe, parked right next to major historical buildings and churches.

The city itself is quite small and cosy, featuring many seafood restaurants, several beaches, tons of pintxos bars (tapas to the Spanish), which places it high on the list, if not the top rating as the cuisine capital of the world.

Day 3/Night 3 – Wednesday July 18, 2018
DEBA (Transfer to Zumaia and walk to Deba) – 14km. Estimated walking time approx. 3 - 4 hours

Today we commence our Norte Camino leaving San Sebastian and the Bay of Biscay behind us. Our walk will take us along the coastline through beautiful pastures and gentle hills, passing charming coastal villages, finishing in the lovely seaside village of Deba.

Day 4/Night 4 – Thursday July 19, 2018
MARKINA (Transfer to Olatz and walk to Markina) - 16km. Estimated walking time approx. 4 hours

Today, the Camino trail leaves the coastline as we head for the mountains. Again features of our day are the charming villages before reaching today’s destination, Markina.

Day 5/Night 5 – Friday July 20, 2018
GERNIKA (Transfer to Munitibar and walk to Gernika) - 16km. Estimated walking time approx. 4 hours

The trail from Markina follows a quiet country lane, with the trail climbing through sheltered woodland to the top of Gontzegarai and on to the hamlet of Gerrikaitz. After passing the Hermitage of Santiago a sharp descent leads to a small river and the historic town of Gernika, made famous by Picasso’s masterpiece.

Day 6/Night 6 – Saturday July 21, 2018
LEZAMA (Transfer to Col de Gerekiz and walk to Lezama)18km. Estimated walking time approx. 4 - 5 hours 

Leaving Gernika we pass the hermitage of Santa Luzia Zallo shortly before reaching cobbled paths, which leads to the hamlets of Goikoletxea and Larrabetzu and once again enter woodland before reaching today’s destination, Lezama.

Day 7/Night 7 – Sunday July 22, 2018
BILBAO - 12km. Estimated walking time approx. 3 hours

Our last day on the Camino is also the shortest, the first town is Zamudio, with its Roman church of San Martin and the Tower of Malpica. From here, there is a gradual climb to the top of Mount Avril, where your efforts will be rewarded with stunning views of Bilbao and the valley below. Entering the outskirts of Bilbao you should visit the delightful Basilica of Our Lady of Begoña. Our Camino reaches its final point in the Plaza de Unamuno, in the old quarter of Bilbao. 

Day 8 – ONWARD TRAVEL – Monday July 23, 201

Although the trip finishes after breakfast today, the memories of the Camino will live on.

Wandering the World hopes you have had a journey of a lifetime and welcome your choice to wander with us again.

Please email your enquiry to Glenyce Johnson at glenycej@wanderingtheworld.com.au or

call Glenyce on +61 402 910 552

Full booking conditions and payment details are available upon request.

For more information www.wanderingtheworld.com.au






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