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  • Cycling the French Way

    Swap two feet for two wheels and ride the famous Camino de Santiago across Spain. The incredibly rewarding, 790-kilometre journey will have you cycling over mountains, through rural villages and across seemingly endless flat plains towards Santiago de Compostela and its magnificent cathedral.

  • Cycling the French Way

    This cycling pilgrimage will see you pedalling from the medieval city of Burgos to Santiago de Compostela. You’ll ride through a range of memorable landscapes, from seemingly endless flat plains to Galician mountain peaks, all the while sampling local tapas and wine. The reward is worth the effort, as any cyclist knows, and nowhere is…

  • Cycling the French Way

    Jump in the saddle for an eight-day cycling pilgrimage along the Camino de Santiago. Starting in Leon, you’ll pedal through quaint villages, over breathtaking mountains and, eventually, into the streets of Santiago itself. With fantastic food and wine, cosy accommodations and memorable landscapes, cycling this section of the Camino is an experience that won’t be…

  • Via de la Plata (The Silver Way)

    Beginning in the hauntingly beautiful city of Seville, the Via de la Plata, also known as the Silver Way, stretches 1000 km and is the longest route of the Camino de Santiago. With fewer pilgrims along this less travelled path, the expansive countryside becomes your constant companion.

  • Via de la Plata – The final 100kms

    Tackle the final stage of the Via de la Plata, the longest route of the Camino de Santiago. With 100 kilometres left until Santiago de Compostela the road is paved with cobblestones, the tracks are shaded by eucalypt forests and the villages are ready and waiting for pilgrims with open arms.

  • The English Way

    Truly the road less travelled, the English Way, or Camino Ingles, sees a tiny number of pilgrims every year, making it a remarkable and quite special route to Santiago de Compostela from the seaside town of Ferrol.

  • The San Salvador Way

    Tackle one of the most spectacular Caminos as you head into the mountains between Leon and Oviedo. Few people make the journey, but those that do will never regret it. You’ll feel like a pioneer pilgrim as you stride through the Cantabrians with stunning views wherever you look on the San Salvador Way.

  • The French Way as a Family – The final 100kms

    Get your family together for the final section of the Camino Frances, or French Way, from Sarria to Santiago de Compostela. This eight-day journey, which is just over 100 kilometres in length, is a wonderful opportunity to be together as a family and introduce your kids to the best classroom in the world – the…

  • Camino Primitivo

    Beginning in Oviedo and ending in Santiago de Compostela, the Camino Primitivo is 330 kilometres of unadulterated scenery, from the rugged mountains of Asturias to the green Galician countryside.

  • Camino Primitivo – The final 100kms

    Tackle the final 100 kilometres of the Camino Primitivo from Lugo to Santiago de Compostela. The forest paths and quiet roads of Galicia are tranquil, gentle and full of hidden surprises.