If the shoe fits !

By Glenyce Johnson, Founder of Wandering the World

Dusting off your old shoes doesn’t do you any favours!!

Old shoes, and old favourites that sit around between walks, or your everyday walking boot, can be the cause of blisters and other aggravation when you set off on your next big walk!!

If you have had the same walking shoes for more than two years or walked more than 4,000kms and got them wet then dry over and over, then it is time to treat yourself to another pair. Happy feet, happy walk.

A new walking shoe/boot will be more supportive, and if you have walked as much as I have, literally thousands of kms in Europe alone, then your feet have likely expanded, or at least changed shape!  Do yourself a big favour and change up your boots.

Why your shoes and socks can enhance your journey!!!

Ensure you get the right size, this may sound simple, but your feet swell in the warmer months as you walk…so make sure your shoe size selection in winter will be roomy enough in the summer. I always opt for a size larger to leave plenty of space at my toes, and I always try on my boots with the socks I plan to walk in.  Arguably the sock selection is as important as your shoe choice.

Both your shoe and sock choices are personal, whether you have a wide foot, prefer a thicker, or thinner sock, perhaps 2 socks (some people swear by this).  For me, I wear a cool mix sock that helps my sweaty feet stay dryer (maybe too much information!). I have big feet, so I wear a size 43 boot, and they are as comfortable as slippers. At home, I alternate between two pairs of boots, so one pair are always ready to hit the track!

Happy walking!