The Camino & Lockdown – some unexpected parallels.

By Glenyce Johnson, Founder of Wandering the World

Enjoying the Stillness – Reflecting on the positives of a global pandemic, for many of us, one reward would surely be the complete slowing down of life. More stillness, less rush, fewer commitments, and some time to think. In many ways, this describes what most of our clients are looking for, and find, when they choose to walk the Camino.

This years’ lockdowns, especially for those of us in Melbourne, have put us squarely in the company of our immediate family and kept us in our homes.

During lockdown Melbourne, one of our Wandering the World families, the Kappa Clan, took the time to reflect on the Family Camino they undertook together, back in 2016.

While their Camino was a holiday, with no restrictions on their freedoms, they found they were able to draw some parallels between their walk in Spain, and this years’ restrictions. Sharing quality time day and night as a family, walking and talking together with the time to just be and to chat, immersing in nature and simple pleasures, sampling new and different foods, playing games and generally appreciating each other, are all things that the family made the most of both in lockdown and on their family Camino in Spain.

The Kappa’s three daughters, aged 8, 10 and 12 at the time of walking the 8 day French Camino, took time to reflect and reminisce and put together a few words about their family adventure in Spain.

Experience the Camino through the eyes of three young, adventuring sisters here.

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