Follow in the footsteps of an Italian legend.

St Francis of Assisi is one of Italy’s patron saints and his life was the inspiration for this pilgrimage route. These are the landscapes that Francis – an immensely likeable man who gave up his family wealth – walked through, stretching from the magical city of Florence to the ancient streets of Rome. The St Francis’ Way seeks to teach pilgrims the simplicity and love of small wonders that characterised St Francis’ life, but that doesn’t mean one has to give up all luxuries. Walking this route takes you through some of Italy’s most beautiful landscapes, which go hand-in-hand with mouth-watering local food and wine as well as a rich history stretching back hundreds of years. There are several itineraries to choose from, with pilgrims able to walk from as little as a week up to a month, which takes in the full route from Florence to Rome.

Camino Via de Francesco, St Francis’ Way  Walks

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