Italy’s La Dolce Vita is even sweeter when it’s tasted on two feet.

What can be said about Italy that hasn’t been said, sung or written before? This place holds a special place in many travellers’ hearts and once you’ve walked through its memorable landscapes, there’ll be no wondering why. From the steep pathways of the Amalfi Coast to Tuscany’s rolling hills and the northern mountains, Italy understands that views are important, but they’re only an appetiser – the best way to any person’s heart is through their stomach.

Whether you’re walking the Amalfi Coast, the Via Francigena or St Francis’ Way, there’s pizza in Naples, Rome’s carbonara and Tuscany’s pappardelle and beef ragu – all of it washed down, of course, with steaming-hot shots of espresso. Walking and eating may one of the best combinations in the world; what’s more, Italy may just be the best place to experience it.

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