New Walks, New Website, New Logo.

By Glenyce Johnson, Founder of Wandering the World

In 2013, I walked my first Camino. It changed my life. Walking this ancient trail ignited a flame. I had a dream; I made a wish. I recall the exact moment and place, at the 570km marker of my 800km pilgrimage, when I took a stride and made the decision that set my life on a new path to share my love of walking and travel, my mantra became “More walking, less working”.

I invited friends and family to walk with me, they came, they loved it and they told their friends. With some hard work and passion, a quick and simple website, Wandering the World was up and running (or should I say walking!).

From a small seed, Wandering the World bloomed. From just 4 walks to over 40, one destination to many and most humbling to me, a few clients to a few thousand. Wandering the World has way exceeded my wildest expectations. So many incredible experiences and achievements I could not have imagined when I substituted a full-time job for an adventurous active lifestyle, an office for my laptop and a walking trail. I give my heartfelt thanks to our devoted walkers who have come back time and time again, year after year, and invited others to share their special experience. You have made Wandering the World what it is today.

Today is a wonderful milestone. Our simple website has been replaced, and I am so thrilled to launch our brand-new edition. We proudly showcase all our trips, our Camino passion, our walking expertise. We also bring you our newest walks including my very own backyard, Australia.

2020 has been a year we could never have imagined, undoubtedly a challenge for individuals and businesses. For me, this year has reinforced my appreciation of what I have. My relationships, my health and of course, my ability to walk.

My original mantra of more walking, less working and sharing what I love is still strong, still guiding me. I have now added ‘be grateful’ to that list. Wandering the World is here for the long haul and we will keep on walking. I look forward to sharing my passion and experience – whenever and wherever that may be.

I invite you to browse, to plan, to dream right here on our new site: