A Shared Family Experience - Walking the Camino...by Amanda Kappa

In June 2016, the Kappa Family from Melbourne, Australia - Amanda & George and their three daughters, Charli, Lexi and Sienna set off from Sarria in northern Spain on an escorted walk with Wandering the World Co-founder, Glenyce Johnson, and a small group of fellow walkers from Wales, England and Ireland. 

They walked the last 100 plus kilometres of the Camino de Santiago and on arriving in Santiago de Compostela achieved their certificates of recognition as Pilgrims. As Amanda says "walking the Camino offers such a terrific learning environment - it is the world's best classroom." Amanda shares with us the family's experience, through the eyes of their children.

The rural landscape, rolling green hills and an abundance of wildflowers leaves you speechless. 

We continued to follow the yellow arrows & shells along 'The Way' of St James that were guiding us to our destination - The Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.

Along 'The Way' we found so much enjoyment in the beautiful countryside. The fun and anticipation built as each step meant we were closer to Santiago.

The hosts that open their small hotels handed down by the previous generations, and the cooking that is faultless from Mama or Papa in the kitchen  - everywhere we stayed we had delicious, mouth-watering family cooked meals!

We met many people who were walking for the 3rd or 4th time as they were 'addicted' to the Camino experience. We too plan to return.

The feeling as we walked toward the shell etched in the plaza as a group cannot be described. We were elated and emotional.

The organisation and attention to detail of the trip was outstanding. The care to ensure we experienced our own unique Camino was priceless and the balance of kilometres each day was perfect. The support when needed and the space given was ideal. It was so exciting to do our first ever 'Wandering the World' family trip.

We will miss 'Buen Camino' (good walk/way/journey) and 'Hola' every few minutes as we were greeted by fellow walkers & bike riders. The innocence of the Camino and feeling of safety ensures you can truly relax and enjoy your holiday. 

 On arriving into Santiago we each received our Compostela Certificates and the girls got their churros dipped in chocolate sauce. 

We were rewarded with memories of this journey that we achieved something so special as a family. The Way has inspired us. It is life changing - our family will never be the same.

Our walk ended at the Cathedral of Santiago De Compostela where we were lucky enough to attend mass...

...and witness the Bonafumerio, which had us gasping as it swung right up to the roof. What a way to complete an incredible week and our time in Spain.

The happiness, peace, inspiration and motivation that the Camino and the pilgrimage to Santiago offers  is for all ages to enjoy. 

On the last night of the trip, on behalf of the girls, Charli 12, shared her thoughts about the trip with everyone as follows: "Thank you Glenyce for all the time and effort you put into making this walk happen, booking accommodation and coordinating this trip, without you we would not be doing this trip and we wouldn't have much luck getting to Santiago. It has been amazing to meet these people, walk the Camino and see the sights along the trail we will remember this trip for the rest of our lives. You have made the walk enjoyable and by adding in some ice creams and chocolate along the way that has kept us going. Thank you so much and I hope you have enjoyed the walk as much as we have because we will be coming back one day to do it all again". Lexi 10, and Sienna 8, each wrote a note thanking for the support and experience of a life-time. 

For details of the 8-Day Family Camino trip in July 2017 click here


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