Preparing for their family walking holiday in Spain…by Amanda Kappa

In June 2016 the Kappa Family is walking the French Camino in Spain  - from Sarria to Santiago de Compostela - with Wandering the World on the 8-day trip that we have tailored specifically for families.

George and Amanda and their three daughters Charli, Lexi & Sienna (who will be twelve, ten and eight years of age by next June) are really looking forward to sharing this experience as a family. We spoke with Amanda to find out what the family is doing to prepare, what made them decide to take on this challenge as a family, and what advice they have for other families considering this trip.

WTW: What made you decide to walk the Camino?

AK: As a family we have had some amazing holidays together in Australia. A few years ago we did a road trip with the girls to central Australia and walked around Kings Canyon, the Olgas and Uluru. We love being outdoors and being in nature. We have planned a trip to Greece to visit the places where our children’s grandparents grew up. George and I had also been inspired to want to walk the Camino after seeing the film ‘The Way’. So we thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to combine both experiences and to share it as a family.

We are looking forward to meeting the people who live in the little villages along the way and introducing our children to a completely different way of life. Just being able to take our own time and to chat about the many things a busy life skips over. We know it is going to be a challenge both physically & emotionally for the girls – and for us too. But we know how rewarding and what a fantastic achievement it will be on reaching Santiago – and to proudly receive our certificates and be able to say we made it as a family! Not to mention the reward of enjoying a churro dipped in chocolate sauce.

We are also looking forward to the small things along the journey, the simple games played after dinner and just disconnecting from technology and reconnect as a family. Also seeing what motivates the girls to keep going - watching each of their personalities come out and mainly seeing the whole journey through their eyes. 

The girls can't wait to go to a different country and learn about a different culture (outside the classroom).  Meeting new people - especially other children and seeing how they live and learn about their experiences growing up.

WTW: What are you doing to prepare?

AK: As many weekend walks as possible - we often go on family walks including Point Nepean National Park, walking to school and continuing our other favourite activities of swimming, Nippers and netball. As a family we attend Nippers throughout the year, even 'Winter Nippers' which includes a 2km run, board course and 'polar bear' swim in Port Phillip Bay each weekend.

WTW: What research have you done?

AK: We’ve watched the movie, 'The Way' as a family, and are reading as much as possible about Spain and stories of others that have walked the Camino. The girls are learning Italian at school – so we plan to get a Spanish book and look at the similarities/ differences in the languages.

WTW: What advice do you have for other families?

AK: Life is too short! Get out there and travel while you can.  Do something interesting that is different from the norm.  A unique family experience. We want to cherish this time with our daughters and we believe it will be a great way to have a positive influence on them. Before they grow up and move on! We hope to create great memories as a family together. We believe that this trip will bring us together, challenge us and open our eyes to the simple things in life that really matter.

We are joining this trip to meet other 'like minded' travellers.  Our children travel and walk so much better when they are kept entertained by other kids.  The talking and fun seems to keep their minds off the walking and motivates them to do that extra mile.  That is one thing we have learnt from our trip throughout Australia - if the kids have company, life is so much easier and enjoyable.

With such a great outlook, and keen interest in travel and experiencing the world together, no doubt the Kappa family will have the trip of a lifetime with lasting memories as they wander the Camino.

If this sounds like something your family would enjoy, our 8-Day Camino escorted by Glenyce in June 2016 has a few spaces left. Click here to read the itinerary. Alternatively we can tailor a trip specifically for your family. 

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